Considering First Watt / Pass products

I would like to share my experience with Reno HiFi and First Watt. I have been a customer of First Watt and Reno (and will always be) since the F1 (#75) and currently have an F1J, F2J and SiT2. I have also owned the F4.

I recently had occasion to have some work done on all three amps and shipped them off to Mark at Reno for a once over at First Watt. This is not a money making service for Mark nor do I believe for First Watt. Despite this, Mark and via his company First Watt, always treated me as though I was their only customer. A mistake was made on one of the amps and Mark, without my asking, sent it back to First Watt whereupon they rectified the mistake and shipped it back to me all at their own cost. Shipping for all of this cost more than the work done on the amps.

I am a small business owner and have been a hifi hobbyist and connoisseur for 30 years and can say this kind of customer service is unequaled. My hats off to Mr. Pass and Mark for their efforts, customer satisfaction skills and service. If you are considering Pass products, rest assured that this team will take care of you.