Considering doing Chinese

I have listened to Melody and have owned Shanling, but have not heard Audiospace. Any thoughts or experence with Audiospace equipment.
Curious; why do you like Chineese? Is just the price?
See the San Francisco Chronicle 02-19-07 article about the rising quality of Chinese hi fi.

FYI, I have Antique Sound Lab Hurricanes because of the price and sound quality. The world has always liked people who make "better mouse traps". I know audiophiles will buy equipment made anywhere in the world as long as it is well built and well priced. Good luck in your research as you would any audio product.
I always used North American Electronics(Sonic Frontiers Aragon,Krell,Classe,BAT & CJ to name a few.My system is now composed entirely of Consonance equipment(Cyber 80 amps,Cyber 50 preamp,and Forbidden City Turandot CD player).I do use a Sony SACD changer as a dedicated SACD source and a VPI Scoutmaster for vinyl.I've owned and auditioned other Chinese equipment from Music Hall,Consonance,Von Schweikert,and Raysonic to name a few.Originally I looked at the Chinese stuff because of its price.I am now paying more for new chinese gear than the comparable good used North American components I used to buy.This is due to looks,fit & finish,dealer service and above all, sound!!!
Which piece of Melody gear did you listen to and what are your impressions of this equipment? Bob
I know audiophiles will buy equipment made anywhere in the world as long as it is well built and well priced.

Not exactly Jwong. Many will not support the Communist regime in China for political reasons. Here is a recent link that may give you a different perspective.

China communist? With an active stock exchange and free enterprise the Communist tag doesn't fit anymore. Totalitarian is a more accurate description.
Still RED too me.
Oh boy, here we go again. Politics on Agon.
Just think if this thread was primarily used by furriners, and what their comments would be about US policies, and why they won't buy US components.

Small minds breed small responses.
Between two adjectives: small and red. I choose the latter.
Between two adjectives : small and red. I would not choose the latter. That's what I meant, Snofun3.
In Responce to why Chinese, price and performance.. the Shanling looked way cool and sounded much better than its price would have you believe. The Melody 12A3 intergrated with its beautiful fit and finnish plus the ability to convey music more than justified it price, so again just asking if Audiospace falls into the same class as the above two?
Just make sure they don't put any MSG in it. You will be very thirsty after listening to music and not know why.
Yes, please leave politics out of this forum. If you really want to get into it. Most Asians still view Americans and the rest of the Western countries as "imperialists" for the occupation of their land from late 1800s and 1900s where United States, Great Britain and other western nations engaged in the practice of territory "expansion" by occupying places like Hong Kong, India, Philippines, and even mainland China by military force, and treated locals like second class citizens or slaves. Hong Kong was still held by Great Britain as a colony until 1997. So just because China is a communist country, does that mean Chinese people do not have the right to live?

Anyways, Audio Space is actually a fairly established company from Hong Kong that started way before 1997. So technically they could be considered "British". ;-) Their products have been fairly popular in Japan and have won several of Japan's Audio magazine awards. The U.S. distributor is about 5 miles away from me, but they are only open during business hours during the weekday, so I have not been able to make it in to take a listen.

After three days in a row enjoying a new-openning Chinese buffet nearby my office, my BP shoot up 150/92. Talked abt over-dose in daily sodium consumption. Someone who comes up with non-sodium ICs patent for Jolida gears will make millions. Hi-end non-fat and non-sodium cables is something that may make some one rich. Donal Trump, this one for you.
Elvis has left the building. I am of here. Come on guys. Light-up a bit. No one talks abt US foreign policy or Imperialism doctrine here...and if we do, somebody just don't know what is good for them. History tends to repeat itself so just have a little fun. The title of the thread is very inviting : Considering doing Chinese. Seriously,I do Anglo, Asian, Europeans,Russsian...They all look beautiful and sound great to me. Vivre la liberte.
I currently own an Audio Space Duntonic 3i found at I have owned it for about a year now with no problems. The sonics were really good out of the box and now even better since I've done some tube rolling. I think its a great value and would consider buying a second.
"Vive la lberté " are the right words..
but nowadays don't forget that the world we are living
depends of what we are buying...
Remember when Japanese electronics were crap? Today I cant afford them!!! Lets face it Japan and China are millenary cultures and now with money and power they will be hard to beat. If you dont feel like buying chinese, check out your "american" products, I think most of them are made in china, some designed in the US some not even, I say lets stick to Audio Quality regardless of country or politics.... and dont Get me started about "W" !!!!!
Jsadurni; Please. Are you trying to tell us the Chinese manufacturing and design are superior to the likes of Cary, VSA, VAC, Wilson, etc.?

Yes, I know, some of the above outsource their lower end...
its not about value or quality. china does not control the endless pirating and countereiting, and does not have basic child labor laws. its tragic. enjoy the music.
First of all, I have a lot of respect for American brands and design, I am also sure that given the right conditions (tooling, etc.) the same product manufactured in the US and China will be the same, lets say you have a chinese worker in an american factory, same product, we will then have only personal diferences, one worker will twist wires one way the other a little diferent, same product quality.

Today Japanese design is wolrd class, Koetsu cartridges, Kondo amps, Goto horn drivers, are these better than american products?... probably this designs are even based on american products (say Western Electric) but redesigned and taken to extremes sometimes.

I have found in Audio (and probably in life) there is not good or bad system, yes there is better and extremly good but most of the times all is system dependent and listener tastes dependent, and like a friend tells me also, the best sounding speaker in the world is the one you made yourself (maybe some ego in there also).

Maybe in ten or fifteen years we will be collecting early century (say 2002) Shanling cd players because we noticed the tone is whatever better than xx and so high prices on Ebay for Shanling gear and DCS converters will be seen as flawed technology...who knows, but I am sure that in 10 years the good chinese High End brands will be at the same level as the Japanese or American or English high end brands.

All the Best