Considering buying a used Gryphon Diablo 250

I have an opportunity to buy a mint Gryphon Diablo 250 at a very good price. I know it is not as good as the latest Diablo 300 but given than the price is almost a third of that of a used Diablo 300 should I be buying it?  Does the newer Diablo sound that much better?


Revitalizing this old thread. I'd be interested in knowing what your friend sold his Diablo 250 for.  There's one for sale near me for $6k and I'm having trouble finding a solid sales history to know what these sell for on the used market. 


$6k sounds reasonable for a Diablo250 in good condition. The Diablo 300 will be north of $10K (without DAC or phono, more if it has either or both). The Diablo120 seems to go for about $7-8k.


I would seriously consider listening to the Diablo250, it's an excellent integrated and I doubt you'll find another $6k option that bests it.