Considering buying a used Gryphon Diablo 250

I have an opportunity to buy a mint Gryphon Diablo 250 at a very good price. I know it is not as good as the latest Diablo 300 but given than the price is almost a third of that of a used Diablo 300 should I be buying it?  Does the newer Diablo sound that much better?


One thing about Gryphon amps is they all have their own unique qualities. I think it would be difficult to answer your question unless someone has heard both to make the comparison. If it’s that inexpensive for you, give it a shot. Gryphons don’t come up too often used, if you don’t like it it would probably be an easy resell overall.

Jay posted this the other day on the hidden costs (especially now) of buying large amps that might need to go back to the factory. I wouldn’t let it scare you, especially if you’re able to audition it and there is a transferable warranty, but shipping both ways on your dime can get expensive these days.


Thanks guys, it has sold to someone else already. Next time I should move faster.

If you you want to go Gryphon, watch for a Diablo 120, stellar integrated. BTW, Gryphons aren’t known to have many issues. Buying used shouldn’t be a problem, just try to know the history.

A friend of mine who was a Gryphon fanatic for a good 6 years with various amps moved to Aries Cerat and does not regret it.

I have been following Gryphon for many years, I have never heard of any issues in almost all their products. Their design and manufacturing quality is second to none. I have no issue buying a used Gryphon product. I was just wondering how the original Diablo sounded in comparison to the newer one, that's all. 

@phantom_av The Aries Cerat is totally different to Gryphon.

Actually $1000 to ship 2 monos to Europe and back is quite cheap looking at todays rates. Jay must have had some discount. My Esoteric player had to go to Tap in CA for repair from VA. That alone cost $600 in shipping charges. The buy American argument is even stronger these days unless the import brand has a local service center that can handle repairs.