Considering Bryston BDA-1 for non-USB use

I currently own a PS Digital Link III and am considering the purchase of the BDA-1. I do not use the USB input as I believe in USB/SPDIF conversion as separate device. I need an additional SPDIF input for transport. Dac feeds signal to Jolida fusion then to BEL 100 MKV to Esoteric MG10s. Thanks in advance for any input.
I have one, and for my ears, it sounds great. Anyway, it's my first separate DAC.
Thanks Leo. I made a decision to buy one on AG. I currently use a hiface USB/SPDIF converter. I intend on upgrading from this one to another. I believe the USB connection represents the weakest link on many DACS.
I have a BDA-1 and love it, however I have never used its USB inputs. Only digital coax (and optical for my less critical and remotely located DTV cable box).

I particularly like the Class A analog circuitry (the reason I bought it) and have used it to improve the output sound quality of an CA 840 CD deck as well as duty for the output of a PS Audio PWT. I am now using with a BDP-1.
Dhl, thanks for the response. I purchased a BDA-1 and very much like it. I also appreciate equipment designed with a competent power supply and analog output stage (within budget) hence my interest in the BDA-1. Though the BDA-2 has a different DAC chip, and the usb interface has been significantly improved I the cost differential would not be compensated. I prefer to use my own USB input device for computer based server. Still looking to upgrade from the HiFace.