Considering Beveridge, your opinion please.

Hi all, I resently started researching loudspeakers for a 2 channel audio system. I'm considering buying a pair of Beveridge loudspeakers, I've read extremely positive things about them, but the number one thing that attracts me is the realism they are capable of producing. They can still be found in the used market and I understand they can be refurbished to almost new condition by R. Beveridge himself, total cost should be around $2500.

Other speakers that have picked my attention are Janszen and Sanders, they both have very good reviews and have great support and warranty. Price wise they're 3-5 times the Bev.

I will appreciate your comments, first about the Beveridge, and the idea of buying into 20 year old speakers and then your opinion of the new Janszen and Sanders.

Thanks and happy holidays to all.
What music do you mostly listen to ?
I am asking, because I feel you should also take the Quad 68 for about the same price into consideration. Less complex and less finicky than the B and with a midrange impossible to beat unless you invest in the big Sound Labs. Haven't heard the others you mention.
The Beveridge speakers are amazing but temperamental. Which model are you considering? i have owned a couple of pairs and there are a couple of considerations. The best of the lot are considered to be the 2 and 2sw's. These speakers incorporate a direct drive amp which the speaker sits on. The amps have a problem that the power transformers are at about the end of their service lives. There are a number of individuals looking into this problem currently. My speakers unfortunately suffer from this problem and they are not operational.

The other issue is whether Rick Beveridge is going to start repairing panels again. The last I heard that the possibility still existed for him to commence doing this again. I must caution that I have heard this for about two years now. It would be great if Rick could address where he is at the moment regarding repair of panels.

On the plus side of the equation the speakers are wonderful and image like no others. They are not perfect but what speaker is. The are amazing for Classical and Jazz and give a credible illusion of being in the hall. I have only heard the big Janzen once at an audio society show. I heard the Sanders at the RMAF a couple of years back and thought they were good.

All the best on your quest. Bob
Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here! My bad, you are talking about speakers!!!!!!
IMO like bob I have owned several pairs of 2sw's and model 3's and a rare pair of circuit board 2sw's...they can be very good speaker but will very in sonics from pair to pair none will sound the same!...

unless your an able person and a tech I would say do not go for the beveridge they require constant attention this can and will add up real quick with a few repairs to the amps tubes, power transformers etc..IMO just not worth it for the normal person...

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I agree with those who say that the Beveridges can be quite temperamental. Making matters worse, they are one of the most complex speakers around. I confess to a very soft spot in my heart for them, as they are the single component that turned me on to this hobby back in the '70s. Couldn't afford them then...and wouldn't buy a pair now.

I own the Sanders 10c. After going through many speakers over the years, including the Sanders' predecessor Innersounds, Quads, Sound Labs, Maggies, Audiokinesis, and Josephs, I have come to the conclusion that the 10c is 'the one', at least for me. It does everything well, a few things extraordinarily so, and has few faults. If - and it's a BIG if - you can live with the small (extremely) sweet spot, these would carry my highest recommendation.
Thank you all for your comments, very much appreciated. I talked to Rick in November and I'd be surprise if he is able to start repairing Bevs again, at least not on an ongoing basis anyway. So my quest continues.

To be honest I'm all over the map, there is no one technology I prefer. Sanders is a speaker I'd love to hear, but there are others like Maggies, Shindo, Raidho, Magico, Devore, that I would also like to hear before deciding. This is a system I want to set and forget - and just let me enjoy the music.
I own soundlab m2's and if you get a chance to listen to a pair I think you should do so;I feel they are very hard to beat although I would like to hear the field coil driver speakers that ralph from Atmasphere mentions from time to time.