Considering Beveridge, your opinion please.

Hi all, I resently started researching loudspeakers for a 2 channel audio system. I'm considering buying a pair of Beveridge loudspeakers, I've read extremely positive things about them, but the number one thing that attracts me is the realism they are capable of producing. They can still be found in the used market and I understand they can be refurbished to almost new condition by R. Beveridge himself, total cost should be around $2500.

Other speakers that have picked my attention are Janszen and Sanders, they both have very good reviews and have great support and warranty. Price wise they're 3-5 times the Bev.

I will appreciate your comments, first about the Beveridge, and the idea of buying into 20 year old speakers and then your opinion of the new Janszen and Sanders.

Thanks and happy holidays to all.
I would not buy them. I like the Sanders but you need his high powered amps etc., to really make them reach peak performance. Consider something like the Von Schweikert vr-33 or 35. Amazing performance at real world prices!
Stay away from 20 yr old speakers.Must be important X3.
I couldn't disagree more with the previous post ("Stay away from 20 yr old speakers"). Have you ever heard a pair of Klipschorns, Apogees Divas or even Quad ESL 57s; all these vintage speakers still sound fantastic to me. My own vintage speakers are Yamaha NS1000Ms (30 years old, and they still sound wonderful!
Beveridge speakers are wonderful....and that you told me that they can be made new for 2500 dollars makes them a steal. Be sure you feed them with excellent ancillaries and you will be in heaven.
Make sure R.B. can service them .The last i heard, he did not have the tools or the facility to do so.
I had the pleasure of meeting Harold, (Rick's father and founder of Beveridge) a few times when I first started in the high-end audio business many moons ago.

He was an incredible gentleman and really knew about audio. He designed some fantastic speakers.

As long as you have a big enough room and plenty of power, I say go for it.

Also, Ebm needs to get a clue.
Oh yes im wrong jump on them now!!


I own two pairs of Beveridge loudspeakers: Model 2 / II and Model 3 / III. The Model 2 restoration is incomplete. The Model 3 has been restored by Rick Beveridge and, as I recall, incurred substantially more expense.

A link to a picture of my Beveridge Model 3 / III appears on my system page. I'm contemplating their sale on eBay as there may be a greater international interest. Feel free to contact me.

They won't play very loud, but except for that they are exceptionally good.
Thank you so much for the responses. The only thing that worries me is if something would happened to the speakers and Mr. Beveridge is not available to repair them or if they need original parts only he would be able sourced, then what?

Other than that, I would get them in a heart beat.

Regarding the Sanders, the only things I don't like about them is that they are very directional, I had speakers like that before and were a bit frustrating. Others like the Acustats, SL, are all great, but, though the Bevs are larger when trey're placed on the side walls they pretty much disappear.

For those with Bevs, specially Mod.3, what kind of electronics work best with them? Solid State or OTL, minimum watts? I'm inclined to get something in the order of an Atmasphere amp, Audio Research or some other classic amp. And no preamp, just straight from my Sooloos.

If these things ever come back, do you think there would be a market for them?
To those with first-hand knowledge: How are the Janszens regarding dispersion and sweet spot? Realism and soundstage?
The things that worry you are the reasons I would not buy Beveridge speakers and have them restored. While I don't have personal experience with Beveridge speakers I think your restoration budget of $2,500 sounds low. Restoring anything this old is usually full of suprises, and most of those suprises will cost you money, sometimes significant amounts.

If you said you loved Beveridge speakes, always wanted a pair, did not care about the time and money involved in restroation, I would say go for it.

I wish good fortune in your quest.
Same as Mjc, I too would appreciate seeing comments about Janszen, particularly their newest offering that retails for just under $8K per pair (f memory serves).
C1ferrari - I've spent half an hour looking for a way to send you a private message and can't find how. I'd like to talk to you about the Bevs. Could you email me at cavaleroinc at gmail dot com.


Okay. I'm just off to a friend's studio...he's very recently received and is evaluating a Mytek Stereo 192-DSD DAC...this should be fun and informative.

I'll contact you later upon my return. I'm on California-time, i.e., UTC -8 hours :-)

I am knowledgeable about the King Sound King III, available from Performance Devices. I reviewed the original King, and now the King III, for

Feel free to read my article on the King, and if you wish contact me.
The Beveridges 2SW-2 are one best speaker system during their time of introduction in the 1970s to the 1980s. The other only rivals are the Apogees Full Range and the Infinity IRS. I had my panels in the 2SW-2 upgraded by Mr. Harold Beveridge back in December 1986 and they are still working today March 2014.... And I also have the Apogee Full Range since 1987, they are quad-amped running with eight Krell’s KMA mono-blocksand two towers of six 12 inch woofer per tower. The Apogee and the Beveridge are like two beautiful women... Both are different, but both are great... Oh yes, the Infinity IRS? I had an opportunity to buy a used pair (divorce settlement - both lawyers, including a Ferrari) but I could never jellied with the IRS's sound upon long periods of listening and I heard many set ups... So...