Considering B&W 804's with my Naim 135 setup...

...but before I take the plunge, I thought I'd better ask
around and see if this is viable, or if I'm going to be disappointed. I'm running old Tannoys and Altecs right now, and I'm pretty happy, but I'd like to have a more modern perspective. I like my Naim kit a lot-currently is CD3.5/Flatcap/102/Highcap/NAPSC/135's. All opinions are appreciated. And if not the B&W's, what? KEF's? SBL's? Linn? WHAT? I listen to jazz and classical, Brazilian, some funk and R&B. Basically anything that's good. Thanks!
804's are nice speakers. I think there are better in the same price point that I think are more natural and musical that I have used with a 32.5/hicap/250 combo. Thiel 1.5 (now 1.6) , Proac 1.5s (or now d15 , or even 2.5s). Also used Wilson Benesch ARC (current speaker, stand mount, excellent all around, dynamic, coherent, flexible, great build, cool looking).

Have Fun Jim
Have you considered second hand? I have a naim set up and use 135s and just sold my old linn 5140s which were a great match. The espeks replaced them in the linn line and they are almost $4000 when you can probably get a pair of 5140s for $1200-$1350 range. regards, david