Considering audition of Plinius 9200 and McIntosh

MA 6900. For those with experience, what's your impression of these 2 "warm" solid state integrateds?
have heard tons o Mac, never heard Plinius, good comparison...anybody heard them both ??
I know the Plinius 8200mkII and the 6900. I thought the Plinius lacked a little definition, or clarity, but the 9200 may improve on that. The 6900 is excellent in every way. Both have similar type of sound but the 6900 is way better looking. IMO. Arthur
I home auditioned the Mac 6500 and Plinius 8200 Mk2 over a year ago and chose the Mac. Ultimately sold that too as it did not have enough peak power for classical music in my large room.
The Mac was more human, toe-tapping and musical. A female dancer if you will. The Plinus was like the tough guy flexing his muscles... "Look how much I can lift!" Impressive initially but then tiresome. Not edgy, mind you, just too much of a good thing.
I am sure many Plinius fans will rush to its defense, so I have to say, although it is obvious, my opinion only. YMMV.
I think you hit the nail on the head about doesn't "blow you away" but son of a gun it does draw you into the music.....every time.
I replaced an Audio Research LS25B and a Levinson 330 with the 9200 and the 9200 was an unbelievable step up. Much more transparent, better soundstage, etc. Also the phono is excellent. I have always been 'anti' integrateds, but this unit is amazaing. Don't really know how the Kiwis do it. Haven't heard the Mac, so you'll want to listen to both and draw your own conclusion
What is a Levinson 330? I haven't heard of it before. Arthur