Considering an integrated


I’ve been thinking about downsizing my system but am concerned about SQ. I would like to get an all in one integrated (or receiver). New or (slightly) used, tube or SS. It would need a built in phono section (LOMC) and a headphone amp/ jack. I have a budget of maybe up to $10k  but would consider going higher if need be. I want to part with everything but my speakers (Zu Def 4), TT and CD player. Obviously I don’t need much power. My concern is mainly the phono section. Sound now is glorious with virtually no ticks or pops. Do you think it’s possible to achieve the same (or better) SQ with a built in phono stage?  

Current setup;

Art Audio Carissa (16 wpc)

Art Audio dm- vps

Art Audio Vinyl One

Had I decided differently I would definitely put out a vote for Luxman.  In fact, they have just released a 95th anniversary integrated that would be to die for....only 300 though.....act fast.  And Class A.  Makes me wish for the alternate setup that this brings up.......
I haven’t heard it myself, but based on your budget and requirement for a built-in phono, and based on Neil Gader’s glowing reviews of the integrated and later the phono section in TAS, I would agree with the above recommendations for the Aesthetix Mimas. 
I forgot to mention that the headphone amp on Luxman 590AXII is pretty amazing. I had Focal Clear headphones that I was driving with the Quicksilver headphone amp. I never paid attention to the Luxman headphone section, but one day I thought I'd try it out. I was surprised how much better the headphone section was. Focal Clear can be a bit bright at times, which is hard to tame for less than stellar amps. The Luxman drove them beautifully. It was the closest I had heard my headphones to an actual two channel setup.