Considering a Spectral AMP - CD compatibility?

I'm planning on replacing the McCormack DNA 0.5 with the Spctral DMA 100, the one introduced last year, in my system, which also includes a Purest Sound System Passive Control unit, an Arcam Alpha 7 CD player, Thiel CS 1.6 speakers, MIT cables and interconnects. It's a big move, since I'll have to go to a Spectral Preamp, and since the DNA 0.5 is excellent in my system. I've heard the Thiel CS 1.6 with Spectral, and it was jaw dropping. My questions:

What's the minimum digital front end for this? Any incompatibility with spectral. I'm planning on upgrading the Arcam Alpha 7.

Other solid state amps to consider? Priority is maximum information, minimum fatigue.

Are there any great tube amps out there that you would recommend as an alternative to Spectral?


My thing with Spectral has always been;once you buy their piece,--you have to buy into the "whole-chain". I like things that allow diversification. I'm not saying that the "whole-chain" isn't great;just not for me as a tube person.
I think that you will find a HUGE difference in tonal qualities and presentation between the Spectral and McCormack. I would make sure that this is the direction that you want to go before plunking down the money as a "done deal". See if you can work something out with the dealer or seller before you have to make a permanent commitment. Sean
I can't advise you on the Arcam player, but I own Spectral electronics and have heard Spectral amps and pre's with about a dozen front ends, including recording equipment and mass market players. Spectral amps normally maintain their character of neutrality, speed, detail, low noise, etc. in the combinations I've heard, however, they do not camouflage the cd or player performance or sound, so it's best to stay with a front end having your same 'maximum information, minimum fatigue' requirements.
Also, the very holographic and detailed presentation with end-to-end Spectral/MIT is dependent on the 2000/3000 combination ( IMO, one of the most refined front ends available) ,the best in MIT cabling, and the overall system design compatability, so it will not represent the sound of other combinations. But I've also heard raves about Spectral amps/pre's configured with SACD, dCS, and Wadia, so you should make a point of hearing the Arcam and Spectrals together.