Considering a Raven Audio Blackhawk Integrated for Tannoy Sterlings

I recently purchased a pair of Tannoy Sterling speakers. Rated 91dB sensitive which do not drop below 5 ohms impedance. My room I about 12' x 15' x 8.5'. It is treated with absorption panels to my liking. 

I am currently driving the Sterlings with a BEL 1001 MK5 SS amp (50wpc), itself driven by an Aric Audio Special all tube preamp. System is digital based with an Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC fed by Mac Mini or CD transport. 

The system sounds wonderful, however I am looking to simplify, and have not experienced tubes in the power amplifier stage. The Blackhawk is 20wpc. I auditioned the Sterlings with a Luxman 20wpc class A SS amplifier. That amp drove them very well in a room volume greater than my room. I am aware that Raven Audio allows a 45 day trial period with loss of shipping only if one wished to return the integrated. 

 I find the Tannoys to have a certain warmth that I enjoy. Not thinking that I need any more provided by an amplifier. Love the 'bloom' and 'air' around notes, soundstaging, and imaging provided by tubes.

Obviously, given the trial period I could audition the pairing in my own room. I am just looking for thoughts from members herein, some that own Raven or Tannoy. Thanks in advance. 

The Raven remains on my short list should I purchase an integrated.

I have also been talking to Aric regarding his Transcend amplifier. I can have it configured with one less gain stage reducing the sensitivity to make better use of the gain in my Aric Special preamp.
Aric looks like a great choice - hardwired point to point etc.  A heirloom type amp.  Love to hear that setup.
Yes, that is one attraction for me. I purchase my preamp from Aric as a demo offered here on AG. One of the better moves I have made. 

With single ownership companies like Aric Audio one can build a relationship with with the owner. For me building relationships in this hobby provides as much satisfaction as the hobby itself.