Considering a POSSIBLE replacement for speakers. Opinions?

Upfront, this isn't for Home Theater, just two floor standing speakers and a separate subwoofer. So there is full disclosure. The speakers I am considering replacing are 2008 Monitor Audio Silver RS8's.

Sadly, unlike the Neolithic Era of high end audio, it can be very hard to find a brick and mortar store to visit, listen and compare individual components. That's the way it was done waaay back in the day
 Now, comparisons seem easiest to get by asking questions like this and finding a consensus. So, if you were looking to replace 12 year old speakers that are highly regarded for their day, what are some brands you'd consider without losing your mind and deciding you need $4,000 speakers? And thanks as always.

got it, thanks for that billzame
OK I'll get in before Miller - don't buy the Moabs.
+1 for Salk. He's in Pontiac Michigan.
For something a little different but very transparent with a wide sound stage you might look at the Martin Logan Electromotion ELS or ELSX speakers.  They sound fabulous and being hybrid speakers they have base down to 40Hz.  An additional benefit is the coherence through the midrange and treble in that they only have a crossover at 500Hz or 400Hz respectively.
You'll need two subs for proper stereo reproduction.

It's very risky purchasing speakers without an audition. All the above recommendations are someone else's ears, components and room. The number one mistake folks make is purchasing the wrong speaker, especially speakers meant to be out from the front wall (most) which end up positioned incorrectly for whatever reason. Then they try to change the character of the speaker with electronics, wire, etc., a hopeless cycle. Great for dealers though.

I've heard several of the recommendations above set up fairly well with good to very good upstream components with very disappointing results.

You may find this book, Get Better Sound, useful.