Considering a pair of Talon Perigrins, any opinion

I've seen and heard a little of the smaller Talon speakers and the suggested retail cost is $11,000 to $14,000 depending on finish and who is posting the ad. The real question is; are the Talon speakers really worth that money and if yes, why are they so steeply discounted here on AudiogoN?
My system consist of a Sota Star/Rega RB 900/ Benz Glider, a Sony SCD 777ES not the XA777ES, a Krell KRC 2 and an Aragon 8008 amp.
I haven't seen any reviews and need some experienced feedback.
You could do much better. The biggest flaw is the distorted midrange; thick, off timbre and not lacking refinement. 600 hours of breaking them in didn't help much. Other than that the Talons are not bad: fast and tight bass although not going too deep, smooth and very clear highs and pretty deep soundstage.
First of all there are two versions of the Peregrine Xs. The newer one has a vastly better midrange and bass. I myself have owned the first version, the older one, for a year now and it never fails to blow me away. The talon is a very warm subtle speaker. It doesn’t knock you over with sharp details or grand contrasts. Rather its supreme musicality provides the listener with a highly realistic and very non hifi experience. On a first listen, and with me this included my first 10 hours of listening, this is not really a good thing. It sounds very unspecial and appears to lack the qualities of a good speaker. In reality it just presents the music in a very different manner. In the end after a long listen to them it will be very hard to go back to a conventional speaker. They still present all the detail but it just sorta doesn’t stand out the same way it does in other speakers. Most other speakers sound congested compared to the talons. Other speakers appear to sorta force the music at you while the talons play to you in a most natural manner. I researched this purchase for over a year and this was what I came up with. My new pair of Peregrine Xs arrived today and I cant wait to hear what they sound like tonight. If a more in depth review is needed feel free to ask me. Also check out the talon khorus X reviews as the peregrine Xs sound essentially exactly the same. The peregrine Xs do sound vastly better than the original Khorus. I hope this helps.