Considering a new SACD Player

I’m planning to purchase a new SACD player.  Have listened to MCIntosh MCD550, and have yet to audition Yamaha CD-S2100, or CD-S3000.  I have a Marantz SA-14S1 that will move to a secondary system.  I plan to use balanced cables to connect to McIntosh C-50 preamp.  Any thoughts??
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Yes cds sound better then ever.I agree. Since they sound different and better i have to listen to all my cds again . Nice  upgrades .The Marantz sa 10 is highly regarded. I love Maggies. My friend just traded in his 3.6 for 20.7 and sub woofers. BTW im listening to Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus.( Dec 11 1968) . Brian Jones still in  group ,probably Nicky Hopkins om piano. Recording OK/ Music good.


Yes, Luxman is a top contender and offers a few different players with different price-points. I certainly hope this company can sell enough product to remain viable here in the U.S. Accuphase is another consideration that is in the Top Tier.  Happy Listening!

Hello all!  Today was the day, and the audition was short!  The Marantz SA 10 easily bested the Yamaha 2100.  The Yamaha is less expensive, and surely a fine SACD player, but I took the Marantz home!  Thanks to all who took the time time offer advice and comment..
Nice score!  what other gear including cabling rounds out your system?
Happy Listening!
Thank you!
Mostly Kimber Hero, Kimber 12VS speaker cables, and Tributaries interconnects, trib speaker cable.  A number of systems in the house.