Considering a new amp for my Vandersteen Quatro CT

I've been using a Bryston 4Bsst2 with my Vandersteen Quatro CT for the past 5 years.  This was not an amp I purchased for the Quatro, just one that I happened to already have.  It is about 12 years old. It has been a solid performer and I have no specific complaints....just curious what a different amp might offer.  My preamp is an Audio Research LS-15.  There are three amps that have been recommended by various sources.  The Ayre VX-5 Twenty, The CODA Model 8, and the Moon by Simaudio 760a.  These are all in my general price range.  Anyone have experience with any or all of these?  Which would you think would be the best match with my speakers?


I will echo Jim’s @tomic601 recommendation of the Vandersteen mono’s. No doubt an obvious system symmetry approach.

But, if more than you want to ‘pony up’, I recently added a pair of used but excellant Belles MB-200 mono blocks in my system driving my Treo’s. Belles just knows how to make everything he makes musical. Also, a great fit with my ‘new’ Belles Aria Signature preamp. Happy camper.

@twoleftears Very good recommendation I always forget about Belles.  

Belles Virtuoso power amp



I have 5As powered by Ayre and it's a very good match.  That said, Richard V typically demos his speakers with ARC electronics, so that might be something to keep in mind.  And, although I have only heard them briefly, the Vandersteen amps are impressive, and they were designed to match with your speakers.  My local dealer, who sells all three brands, says he likes the Vandy amps better on Vandy speakers than either ARC or D'Agostino. 

Whatever you choose to do, happy listening!

McCormack and Vandy have a long history of playing well together. I’ll give you two options of excellent candidates, but I’d recommend the cheaper version because your speakers have powered subs and it’s got a lot of Steve’s latest upgrades already installed so you’re getting a SOTA amp at a screaming bargain.  My only recommendation with either amp would be to send it to SMcAudio and have the gravity base installed — by all accounts it takes the amp up several notches in performance.  I’m having my DNA-0.5 RevA upgraded now and sprung for the gravity base.  To me this will be a keeper amp for life