Considering a 'new' 200w amp. MF, krell or?

Ive been updating my system fro the last few years and am using a Musical Fidelity A3.2cr, Cary 303/200 and B&W 703s. Wasnt until i added the Cary recenty did the sound war, up and the listener fatigue subsided. I need more power though and have been considerig the MF A300cr, cary Cinema 2, and the Krell Kav250a. Unfortunatly theres no dealers around town with that gear.
I listen primarily to rock music and like it loud at times but also imaged and detailed.

Any ideas or how those amps differ in sound? What other amps should i consider?
Try an Ayre V1.
A two channel Theta Digital Dreadnaught II is well worth considering. Be sure to check out Pass Labs as well. Many folks like McCormack's DNA-225, though I strongly prefered the sound of Theta Digital's amps. Still, the DNA-225 is a highly regarded amp which you may want to check out as well.
Thanks Tom. Hadnt Heard of the Theta amp and am real impressed with what ive read on it. 225 watts class A and haveing the expandabilty is the cats ass.
Let me know if your aware of any deals on one. who cares but ened up with a Belles 350a and now addded an Audible Illusions L-1. Nice tubeish sound and kicks for rock music.
Don't forget McIntosh....
Forget about the KAV amps from Krell, the KSA 100 or KSA 150, 200, from back in 1991 ran all class A and they are the ones that you want and not the newer KAV, which are considered terrible. An used KSA 200 will fetch easily 2.5K but they go fast.