Considering a dedicated transport, need help

I have an Electrocompaniet ECD 1 DAC, pretty decent sounding piece of gear.

I use a Sony PS3 as transport.
Are there any fellow AudiogoN'er also using PS3 as transport? Anyone used a PS3 and also tried other 'hifi' transport and would like to share experience?

The PS3 is convenient, but there are a few things that I don't like:
The fact it makes noise with its fans/hardrive, and the 'suck & spit' action when load/eject, and only TosLink as output. (Is Toslink really that jittery?)
Oh! I would very much like to use AES/EBU input on my DAC.

So I am currently looking for a dedicated transport (really do not want to spend too much money...)

Before I even consider a new dedicated transport...

Considering price first:

When price goes above $2000-2500, I mind as well get any good player, and use DAC for music off of my computer. Or look into a player with digital input(s)...

So under $2500 these are the transports I am considering:

North Star Design M192 CDT


Stello CDT100

When it comes to source, a question of personal choice:
Should I look into something that has a whole lot of sonic personality? Or something 'neutral'?
If you're patient, you can get a CEC TL-1X used on audiogon for $2,000 or less.
I have had a North Star Design M192 in my system for a couple of months now. It is feeding a Chorus DAC-64 and sounds fine.

At first is was a little "bright" sounding, but it is mellowing with age.

wow, i really screwed up those links huh?

Stello CDT100


North Star Design M192

As far as the Stello CDT100, I have never seen it in person, or heard much about it... But one review I read says along w/ its companion DAC, the pair is hard to beat for its price.
Its I2S uses mini-DIN style, not RJ45...

Right now I can get a new TL51X for a decent price. Cheaper than it's retail price in North America, so it is very tempting. But I need to make a move on it before I leave Asia in a few days... I will go and flirt with the owner lady to see if i can get the price down even further... ;-)

Consttraveler, are you using the I2S RJ45 connection?
I dont understand why M192 only outputs 192/24 on I2S and not on other outputs...
I have heard the M192, with Extremo DAC playing through PMC EB1i speakers. I was VERY impressed w/ the combo...

I'm using the XLR connection, as the Chord DAC seems to like that one the best. It has been that way with all of the players/transports I have tried.

In re-reading my earlier response I notice that I identified my DAC as a "Chorus"; it is a Chord DAC 64. My bad.

When run through my current speakers (Emerald Physics), it is as good a combination as I have heard and is only surpassed by very well recorded vinyl.