Considering a 9028 Pro Chipset DAC

I am considering the purchase of a second DAC. I am happy with my current setup with a 9018 chip set but am curious about the latest models that use the ES9028 Pro chipset.

The three units I’m considering are the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, the Exasound E32 and the Benchmark DAC3. All have received good formal reviews and by users as well, based on forum posts here and elsewhere.

For my use, balanced outputs and USB input are needed, DSD capability is not needed but might be a nice option, same for MQA as well.

I'm not interested in an eBay purchase of any Asian-made DAC, or any R2R DAC, so no need to comment on those.

Looking for user experiences vs. the older chipset, and ideally from anyone who has made comparisons between these three DACs.

Thank you.

Not done a direct comparison of those three but a big thumbs up for this new ES9028 chip! I have not seen measurements of exasound E32 and their specs do not include THD+N so I would be cautious. Mytek and Benchmark are both solid products. Mytek has tweakable filters using options that are readily available on the 9038 chip while Benchmark uses proprietary circuits and methodology to eliminate filter effects entirely. No tweaking with Benchmark at all as they have hardware tweaked the 9038 to eek out slightly better performance.
I’d go with the exaSound e32 DAC with my eyes closed! I’m not familiar with it but I’ve had the e20 and the e22 and they are terrific sounding DACs for the money - and a lot of people say that. The Mytek Brooklyn’s USB interface sounds worse than a USB to SPDIF Audiophilleo converter for its coax digital input. And it doesn’t sound as impressive as I was expecting... As for the Benchmark DAC3 HGC... I don't know anything about it.