Consensus Audio Magma?

Hi there Iam trying to audition these speakers in the UK does anyone know of a sutable dealer in the London area?

Hi there,

I am the sole UK distributor for these superb speakers based in Gloucestershire, 1.5 hours from London.
Let me know if I can assist.
We currently have a set of Magmas for demo purposes.

Contact us on

I ordered a pair from Germany,they should arrive next week.
I auditioned the Magmas in Germany and thought they were over priced compared to Wilson so I am still on the hunt for my dream speakers.

Wilson don't even come close personally - over eq'd bass end, overly harsh top end.
The Magmas are far more cohesive and sound much more musical than Watt/Puppy and Sasha at similar pricing.
I have A/B'ed many times throughout both ranges.
Thanks for your input Ian, however it is a shame you have never heard the consensus range and then leave favourable feedback for Wilson against them.
Especially from someone who goes for an 'audition' after supposedly ordering a set!
If you want to bad mouth a brand for your own personal reasons - please look elsewhere - we have neither the time of the inclination to deal with time wasters.
Good luck selling your 'dream' Revel speakers and Pass amps.
Sorry you feel that way but I do not intend to deal with a dishonest person like you and who is Ian?

You Contacting me under various names under the same IP trying to buy my items that I have for sale leaves a bad taste and is a dishonest, feeble way of doing business.

I believe that you are also operating under various usernames on here aswell.


Kind Regards
ETA; Firebird2 not 02!
Please waste someone else's time
This site is for serious Audiophile's not petty nonsensical game players.
As for aliases - yes you do have quite a few don't you - such a clever chap, we are all impressed.
Some of us have been here for a long time, and intend to be in the future - we are here with high feedback for good reason - we always deliver - quality items - not BS.
Perhaps if you stop your petty mission you could try the same and actually get some feedback!
I bought other speakers so you start crying basically!

I might not be a ''Serious Audiophile'' but at least I can determine a phoney sales/tech pitch from actual Musical enjoyment!

Good luck in selling your Life long ex dem Magmas,they have certainly held their value well):Lol
Yet again, barking up the wrong tree.

Believe me the Consensus Audio range demand a better class of person than you.

Enjoy playing with your new toys and similarly good luck in selling your Revels and Pass amps which you have way overpriced.

One day you might realise that a little decorum goes a long way - until then please keep your toys in the pram.

I have reports of you wasting other dealers time too, seems you really should get out a lot more and hopefully you'll understand that it you play stupid games with dealers to try and reduce prices, it is a small World and they ultimately find out, as happened here.

Please tell me your last post was intended to be Ironic!

I dont know what your problem is but it seems like serious short man syndrome to me.
Boys: funny blog.. kidding.. As far as I know there must be another UK based dealer - don´t know if he is based in London area but you should google for Mediatakeaway - seem to be pretty nice folks (I have already dealt with them).

Absolute: never heard any WP speakers at home (only in at dealers show rooms so I won´t judge). But have heard a lot of different speakers at home and the Consensus surely stand at the very top. Just give them a listen at home when you are bored with your WP´s.
Here's a review for the Magma from Marco Kolks in the German magazine Hoererlebnis from February 2010 (translated to english). This is a non-commercial magazine (no advertisments).

Read it and you'll know what you're missing ;)


Excellent review, and some very handsomely made loudspeakers.
The Magma appears nearly identical to the ASI Tango R. Frank Tchang (who IS ASI) did some design work for Consensus. The cabinet size and shape, the unique air flow design, driver positioning, plinth shape etc. Differences: the Magma uses ceramic drivers, the Tango carbon paper (both offer a diamond tweeter option). The Magma uses 3 7" bass drivers, the Tango 3 8" bass drivers (the Tango specs at 18Hz -3dB vs. the Magma 26Hz). Both rate in the 5 ohm area, and around 90dB. Both use wooden discs in their floor connections (different implemantations).
The biggest differences are the inclusion with the Tangos of Tchangs resonators in the air flow chamber, and the price--$33K for the Magmas and approx. $20K-$27K for the Tangos (depending on resonator setup).
Has anybody heard both speakers? Any reason for the bigh price delta?