ConradJohn. CAV50, Jolida 502B, antique sound 1003

I'm looking for a tube amp to drive B&W Signature 805. Any one with experience with the above? Many Thanks.
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I haven't heard the combo myself, but have heard from 2 people (& read one post at audioasylum) that the Manley is a great match for the N805...and if so, it would likely be
even better with the Sig 805!
The Conrad Johnson and B&W are magic together. I think the cav-50 would be ok for 805's although I would be tempted to get a used MV-55 and a pre amp if budget allows
I have first hand knowledge of the match between the CJ CAV50 and B&W N805, and don't feel it's at all magic. In fact, I think it's quite a bad match.

While I do admire both products, the B&W presents a difficult load for the CAV50, and the amp is just not up to it. The CJ is not a very stout amplifier, its charm is its tone. The combination does not bring out the most(or even close) of either, and simply NEVER comes alive.

This might sound kind of out of character for me, but I don't think that the B&W is a good match for a tube amp in general. Unless, it is a high powered tube amp, and does it make sense to marry a large tube amp with a monitor type speaker in the first place?

Of the three, I have already discounted the CJ, but I also want to cross off the Jolida 502B. I am not a fan of this amplifier much at all. I find it to have take away the bliss of the wonderful and very overrated 302B for the sake of what the larger 6550 tubes lend - the ability to drive a more demanding load.

I cannot comment on this ASL amp as I haven't listened to it, but ASL is gradually coming to the fore.