Conrad PV1 best step up for Hana ML

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@ebryant7 hi from a fellow Seattle-ite.

The Hana ML is 0.4mV and 7 ohms coil - this classically will work with a 1:20 step up, as far as load to the cartridge goes. 

This will give you a nominal 5mV to your MM phono input which is medium high as far as that figure goes. 

There are three factors for gain:

1) will the 'stepped up' cart output overdrive your phono input? In this case probably not but experimentation may be needed.

2) output of phono section not overdriving preamp stage. Probably not an issue here.

3) total gain adequate to drive amplifiers. This refers to the amplifier design and you can think of it as 'how many V in does it take to drive amp to full output ).


Having said all that 1:20 is a good start.  1:10 would probably get you enough gain but the cartridge load may not be ideal. Some SUT have a loading plug option to adjust this.


Easy question to ballpark but as you can see a number of subtle factors involved.

I’m wanting to achieve an emotionally charged, full, black quiet soundstage.

Are you prepped to dial in vta? ( means shims in Rega land )

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thank you so much for the response Solypsa!

I’m not prepped to do the shims but the Wizard I got the table from

is. Thank you for the information you provided! It helps a lot in my journey to

figure this out. Below is the original post……



I’m in need of some advice. I’m running a Conrad Johnson PV1 and Rega P6 and want to ad Hana ML LOMC cartridge and utilize the Conrad’s phono stage. The ML has .4 mv and Conrad has a 35db stage. Looking for advice on the best step up transformer ratio to use and what step up to get. Looking at a Rothwell MCL, 1:20 ratio and 26db or Rothwell MCX 1:10 and 20db. Both use Swedish Lundahl transformers. Is the goal to have 62db? Or is 62db total db too hot? Also looking at an SUT on eBay from Clayton that has Cinemag 1254 transformers that can be switched to various ratios Or the 1:10 ratio Elliott studio arts 
ESA SUT-1 SUT made locally here in Seattle using vintage Altec Lansing transformers. Looking for advice on the best ratio match and best sounding SUT.
I’m wanting to achieve an emotionally charged, full, black quiet soundstage. Looking
For the best step up ratio and best transformers to achieve this. 
I was originally looking at a Sumiko HOMC and various HOMM cartridges but was swayed to think the LOMC paired with the right SUT would ultimately give me superior sound. Running B&W 805 Nautilus, Moscode 600 Amp and a sub. Listening room is 19’x13’
Thank you very much for your advice!