Conrad-Johnson vs Rogue preamp

Has anyone compared the Rogue Audio 66 or 99 preamp with the Conrad-Johnson PV10 or PV12 preamp?
I am considering the Aragon 8008BB power amp for a music only system.
Good question. I have owned the pv10a for years and been very happy, but I have been considering upgrade to Rogue 99. I would love to know how much (if any) upgrade it is. I hope you get some feedback re. this. Good luck.
Thanks Winoguy17 for your response to the Conrad-Johnson vs Rogue preamp question.
I have the Rogue 99 with an 88 as the power amp. The combo has a very nice sound stage with good separation of instruments and I really like the flexibility of the gain knob on the 99 to help me with bass control on various recordings. I have not compared it to the CJ models.