Conrad Johnson vs. McInosh....

Hi Friends,

If you were to buy a brand based on musical involvement would you go CJ or Mac for amplification? Thanks for your opinions.
Is CJ equipment reliable? Does one outweigh the other in reliability?
I don't think that question can really be answered. You need to listen to both and make a decision.
actually, neither. I've owned CJ gear, and a buddy has Mac. For tubed, Rogue gets my vote, and for solid state, Pass. I also quite like Sim.
I've owned both..... I had a McIntosh C15 and it was good. I think my Conrad Johnson Classic 2SE is much better but it's not apples to apples being tube vs solid state and being newer and more expensive. That C15 served me well, five years not one problem. The c-j is only 10 months old but so far so good. I think system synergy has MUCH to do with how a component "wows" you or not so auditioning in your system is a must at these price points.
I am looking into a CJ classic for myself, and the new MF 2550 SS amp. Currently have a Mac C 220 pre, and MC 252 amp. Sound is a little flat sound staging wise, and at my dealer the CJ gear sounds more 3D and robust/lifelike. That's why input from others who know if the comparison is real/true would be helpful. Thanks for all opinions thus far!
Have owned both and still do. Enjoyed both but would say each has evolved their sound. Both well made and good resale tho Mac has edge there. I am partial to Mac for musicality and sense of zero fatigue listening and like both as and tube. For cj partial to tubes, modern sound. Ultimate thing is your ears and eyes. How does it sound to you and if looks are impt how do you like them.
The Classic 2SE is the biggest improvement I've ever realized in an upgrade. IF you can live without remote you will not be disappointed. My DAC and a few sources of mine have remote volume so it didn't matter to me.
CJ all the way! I am stoked about the company's new SS power amp.
For "musical involvement", on the preamp side, I like CJ tube preamps the most (ART and ACT2.2).

On the amp side, I have owned both Mac and CJ, and like the sound of both. It would depend on the speaker I was using.

My tastes in amps for the last 4-5 years has gravitated toward DHT (SET) "and" Pass's XA.5 series.