conrad johnson vs Mac

comparing specifically the "entry level" amps, MF2250, sonagraphe, MC7100, i havent heard a direct comparison. After doing a little research, most have said they sound great, kinda like tubes, but are they so similar it doesnt really matter which one ipick? thanks
I owned the 7100 and have heard the 2250 but I didn't compare them directly. I thought the 7100 was very good but if you are into very detailed sound, you won't like it. For both of these, you have to be careful what speakers you pair with them - you don't want a soft sounding speaker. I think your Totems will be fine.

I personally vouch for the 7100 - it has terrific power reserves and it's probably the most coherent amp I have ever had. The music flows in a totally composed fashion. The 2250 is a little drier sounding...not as sweet as the Mc. The 7100 definately sounds like tubes but has bass slam that is very impressive for the amp's size and specs. Good luck! Arthur
I have owned the MF2500A never owned any MAC equipment but have heard many pieces as I have a couple of dealers in my area and one sold Conrad Johnson. In my opinion Mac has been uninvolving and not as musical as Conrad Johnson which is why I have never purchased any of their equipment. The CJ MF series sounds very musical and very tube like in it's presentation with good sold bass and high end extension; definetly not dry. If you decide on the 2250 make sure it is the "A" version as it is more detailed and faster responding than the non "A" version.

I just listened to the MAC tubed integrated which I believe is 75 wpc and was not impressed. Again typical MAC sound but some people love it and thats great it just isn't my cup of tea. However; you may love it and as Arthur suggested you really need to listen to both to make an informed decision or buy used and resell if you don't like it.

I have heard the CJ 2500 before and it was a fine sounding amp.
thanks for the responses. since the Mac is a discont. model and there isn't a CJ dealer near me, i have to just buy it and hope for the best.
If you don't like it, you can sell it for what you paid. There is no reason to be afraid to try it! Enjoy. Arthur
I might add that both companies make excellent products and you would not go wrong with either one. However, they are both completely different products with their own unit traits. And as Arthur suggested you can always resell it for what you paid for it; basically free hi-fi.

You can look around and find out about the Sonographe SA 250.Just a very good sounding amp,plenty of bass ,very good midrange and highs,tube like who knows,very sweet ,good sound,good price on these when you find them.