Conrad Johnson Upgrade?


I currently own a CJ Sonographe SA 400 (200W). I really like
this amp a lot and would hate to part with it. However, in the future not so distant future I'm planning on upgrading my system but would like to stay with CJ gear. I was wondering if upgrading to a MF 2500 would be worthwhile?

Do you think either of these have enough power to run something
like a N802 or Thiels 3.6? Just two of the candidates I'm considering.

At one time I owed the SA250. While I did enjoy it very much, I found the MF amps to be a big step up.

The N802 are rated for up to 500 watts (50 minimum), but also are very efficient (91dB spl). So I would think the 240 watts put out by the MF2500 is plenty of power for the N802.
The MF2500A will drive either speaker without a problem and will be a huge upgrade to the old Sonographe.