Conrad Johnson TEA 2--step up transformer

Need advice re a Step Up Transformer for the above Phone Pre---Phone Pre as configured will not support a superior moving coil cartridge.

rest of system is CJ 250S and ET5 Pre--Vandersteen Quatros spurs.--Romulus CD-Oracle Alexandria TT--

Would like to achieve desired results with CJ Pre versus trading or selling.

What cartridge are you planning to use?

Bob's Devices makes a number of reasonably priced SUTs.

You could also consider an auditorium homage at a higher price point.
If it has a MM section, then try Bob's devices SUT. Depending on your cartridge impedance, you might want to try the SKY version. I use that with an Ortofon Anna into the MM section of a Zesto with very good results.
What do you mean by "superior moving coil"?