Conrad Johnson, TE A2

Comments welcome on the above and it's three permutations. I am looking to purchase a new phono stage, and currently have all CJ in my system-with Vandersteen Quatros--Oracle Alexandria turntable--replacing cartirdge on table--looking at dynavector--

Which CJ pre/amp do you run. Do you want SS or Tubes for your phono stage. What is your general price range.
I run the CJ ET 5----do not have a thought on tube versus solid state for Phono pre yet---
Continue the all CJ theme. Any of their phono pre's are vgood.

My system is also all CJ (Premier 12's, 16LS, DV 2b CD, and EV1 phono).

Funny you mentioned having the Quatros...something I've been considering. What CJ power do you have behind them and how do you like them?

Power is C\j 250 S---moves them very nicely--but bear in mind that the Quatros require some thought in terms of room-space, etc--wonderful clarity and definition--I would audition first---and if you do like them, choose your power carefully.