Conrad johnson solid versus tube preamps

Is there a big difference (in sound) between conrad johnson preamps in tube and solid state versions? Because I was guessing their solid state tries to sound like tubes.
From what little comparison I have done I would say that their ss and tube pre-amps have similar sonic signitures.

Yes they mostly are similar. I am more familiar with the older models. The PF1 & PF2 solid state are tube-like, being more to the clean/quiet side, which you would suspect I guess.

The top of the line solid state like the old PFR are actually closer to dead neutral than being tube-like.

I owned a couple of the higher end Motif line that came before the PF line. The Motif MC-8 later became the PF1 & 2; The MC-10 later became the PFR. The designs were almost the same, the Motif line just higher parts quality in places.
conrad johnson ss is a bit less euphoric, but the smooth nature of cj is present. very overlooked in the ss camp, but very, very good. it is (and i mean this as a compliment) a blue-collar accuphase.