Conrad Johnson SC-1 Preamp sonographe Sell or fix?

My husband owns a Conrad Johnson Preamp since the 1990s. The selector switch has been fixed twice over the years. The last time, the selector switch stayed "scratchy." We haven't used it for 10 years due to this problem and it is hanging around my house as "decoration" as my husband can't seem to part with it.

Three questions:
Is there a resale market for this component considering it has this scratchy selector switch?
Or is there a reputable place to get it fixed (since hubby said we could use it if it is fixed)?
If we were to sell it, how much (with scratchy switch)?
If you haven't used it in 10 years you clearly aren't going to miss it. Put it up for sale with the switch problem noted, for a reduced price. The new buyer will likely try to clean the switch themselves using a product like Deoxit. Since you don't know if that will solve the problem be sure to deduct enough to share the risk, if it must get fixed a pro.
For prices you can use Audiogon's Blue Book which costs a little money or look at completed sales of similar products on Ebay. Don't assume the asking prices are meaningful.
If you want to get it fixed and use it a scratchy selector switch should be an easy fix. If contact cleaner doesn't work a new switch could be installed and many repair places can do that for you including Conrad-Johnson. Where are you located? There might be a good shop somewhere near you guys.
I would agree that the switch can be an easy fix. The value of this pre to you depends on the other components of the system it would be used in. The Sonograph line was the CJ budget target of that time.
I am in the Boston area and was thinking of trying Audio Lab in Cambridge to fix it. I think that this was my husband's first "big" purchase out of college (the pre amp and the amp which we still use) so it doesn't surprise me that this was the budget line. Back in the 90's and fresh out of college, I think I nearly fainted when he told me the price (pay for student loans versus buy stereo equip.)

I am going to see if we can get it fixed. Then we will either use it at our vacation home or sell it (on here or ebay).

Thanks for the help. I am tired of seeing this as decoration around the house. We have moved 3 times and this keeps coming with us (in its unusable state.) Even though I am an engineer, I still don't understand audiophiles- lots of money spent on components!
Hi does it have a phono stage? I would be interested in buying the pre amp.

Kind regards

Hi I am very interested in buying the pre amp. I live in the UK but will ship to Virginia in the US