Conrad Johnson SA250 for 2 channel HT?

I am changing out an NAD C325BEE for a amp/preamp combo. Mainly the NAD was used with a pair of Focal 714S floorstanders to augment TV sound and movies, however, I also use it as my music system. Music is the more important aspect to me. I am going to use a B&K preamp with built-in high/low pass filters to separate the sound to a pair of subs, then to the Conrad Johnson to power the Focals. The room is large (31x15) with the stereo on the 15 foot wall. The NAD/Focal combination was a little bright and grainy so I wanted to smooth that out, hence the choice of a Conrad Johnson amp. I also think the 50 watts of the NAD was not enough for the size of the room. My question is, will the CJ amp be able to do TV/Movies justice? It is a large power increase over the NAD, plus it will only have to do frequencies over 80hz. Music-wise, I listen to lots of stuff, mainly all different kinds of rock from soft rock/alternative to Metal. In time I may upgrade the Focal 714s's, but i think I'm doing enough damage for now :) I've also heard good things about Focal and Mcintosh pairings...however, all the new McIntosh amps are too powerful/expensive for what I need. The tube amps have the right amount of power, but they too are expensive, and I don't want to mess with tubes.