Conrad Johnson PV12AL surprise

I have been using ARC for a couple of years and pretty happy with SP8MKII + VT100MKI to driver a pair of B&W 805. The SP8 has all NOS tubes inside. Most of my music are Jazz (especially female vocal), rock and some classical. A year ago someone recommended that i should try CJ product for Jazz. I didn't get a CJ preamp until 2 weeks ago. I bought a PV12AL from ebay. After i hook up to my VT100, I immediately noticed it was very good but i was not sure if it is as good as SP8. Yesterday after an extensive listening, I found PV12AL beat my SP8 in every spec except image. It even has better bass than SP8, which surprises me. PV12 is more musical and smoother, the sound stage is bigger. SP8 has a little more solid image than PV12. SP8 has twice price sticker than PV12AL in used market, it has tube in power supply and is more sophisticated in the design. PV12AL just has one tube in each channel. Is my SP8 something wrong or PV12AL is a better preamp than SP8?
I do need a phono stage, i love SP8 phono with a SUP more than ARC PH5. Is PV12A phono stage as good as SP8 phono stage? if that is true, i'll look for a PV12A to replace my ARC SP8. I saw a PV11 with phono listed in ebay. Is there any big difference between PV12 and PV11? Thank you.
These are questions that only you can answer. As long as nothing is broken, better is a subjective term. You have both preamps to try, so I think you should go with the preamp you like best. Also, with regards to you getting a new phono stage, you really need to know what type of cartridge you'll be using. You can't just use any cart with any phono pre. They have to be compatible.