Conrad Johnson PV11, MF200 B&W Matrix 804 Synergy

Hi there Im putting my system together and at this point I have a

Conrad Johnson PV11, Conrad Johnson MF200 Solid state amp
B&W Matrix 804's and an equitech son of Q.

I am trying to find a subwoofer(s) that will mate well below $1000 each Ive been looking at the paradigm servo 15 V2 and the velodyne HGS15, HGS18. I need something that will be fricking loud and clean (I listen to rap sometimes and watch movies)

Im looking at the PS audio Modified Digital link III from underwood hifi and am trying to find an awesome DAC for aund $1000 or so with a usb so I can hook up an external hard drive to it.

Also I am trying to find a awesome DVD Player/Transport as I have a 4 shelve rack and have limited space. Ive been looking at the denon 5910 and I need something that weighs 30+ LBS for less than a G.

And last but not least some cable advice, Lying around I have the following
QED Silver Speaker Cables
MIT 330 Shotgun High Impedance (Works with Preamp)
MIT 330+ S2's
MIT T2's
Also Does anyone know anything about the audio metallurgy RCA's?

I like nordost and am curious to see what would do best for synergy

I mostly listen to rock 90's 80's hair metal, and old school bluesy rock with a southern blues guitar influence
IE: Led Zepellin BBC has some of the most beautiful guitar work ever. I also listen to Rap, R&B, old school funk, A ton of horribly recorded Reggae/Dancehall. Take a listen to sister nancy I dont care who you are, Shes awesome, Strong proud powerful woman, worth a try, Also Johnny Osbournes Truth and rights (Beautiful music)

Thanks a million, Oh and has anyone tried the velodyne SMS-1?
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My brother bought an Outlaw sub. Inexpensive, not boomy, fills a large listening space with clean, well balanced bass on both music and movies.