Conrad Johnson PV10AL or PV10BL Preamp?

I'm thinking about trying a Conrad-Johnson tube preamp to use with my SS amp. I've decided on the PV10 series, but don't know the difference between the PV10AL and the PV10BL. I'm sure that the "B" is an upgrade from the "A", but I would appreciate any info about the pros and cons of both. Thanks

If you can stretch your budget look for a used Premier 17LS or 17LS S2. 10AL/10BL is entry level audio and the 17LS a true high end musical pre-amp!

Good Luck!
I think they dropped the balance control on the BL.
Go to the C-J website and click on "classic products"
for info.
Also consider a Premier 14, their first tubed preamp with a remote control. Worth searching and waiting for, I understand.

I had a PV 10A. It was a my first tube pre-amp.
Did some tube rolling and had a lot of fun with it.
It does have a classic tube sound. Rolled off top,
bottom end is a little soft and lush mid-range.

My understanding is that the PV-10B is the upgraded
version of the PV-10A. Never heard one though. I agree
with Kw6 that the 17LS would be a huge upgrade from
either of the PV-10 units.

I had a PV10BL up until recently and I really liked it. It has the Conrad-Johnson type sound but I loved it. I did have to play with cables a bit before I got the top end I was looking for. It's warm and sweet but all in the best way.