Conrad Johnson PV10A-Which Tubes ? When to Change?

Just picked up a great CJ PV 10A. Assuming consistent use, how often should the tubes be changed ? Can anyone recommend a source for new tubes when they are needed ?

I'm paired up with and Adcom 535-II amp, Spica tc 50's, and a Cambridge audio CD4SE . Thanks for any help offered.
While is will not be the cheapest route, consider buying a replacement set of tube directly from Conrad Johnson. They will be well tested to be sure they meet or exceed CJ's standards. The preamp will also perform like a factory new one, since it will have the same tubes..
There is also an upgrade for the 10A to the 10B. You may want to consider sending the preamp to CJ for an upgrade and retube all in one.

I have a PV10BL. I liked the standard 6189's that come from the factory but I tried some CV4003's? Mullards. Not all tubes will work, the C-J needs a very quiet tube or it's snap, crackle, pop! The JAN (Joint Army-Navy) Phillips 6189 are VERY nice sounding tube and very robust. Tube life should be 2000-5000 hrs if I remember correctly.

I believe CJ makes a comment on their web site concerning tube life on pre-amps. So you may want to do some purusing there. But basically I think they comment that pre-amp tubes should last 2 to 3 years under normal use.

As far as purchasing tubes. I have had good luck with the Tube Store and Triode Electronics; both have a web site you can order from. I have also purchased tubes from Conrad Johnson and as Sugarbrie suggests they are not the cheapest but if all you want is stock tubes they are a very good safe and reliables source.

Thanks, Chuck
I also have a cj pv 10.Two years after the purchace i replaced the tubes because of a microphonic tube. Well since then (cj replacements)they have worked perfectly for nearly 7yrs with med use so if its not broke don,t fix it.You have a very good pre amp enjoy!.