Conrad Johnson PV-8. Is it worth upgrading tubes?

I have owned a Conrad Johnson PV-8 for 13 years. I have had it "moded" twice which made a diffrences in a lower noise floor and possbly better dynamic range. Now, I am debating upgrading to better tubes. Would upgrading its stock tubes made a difference??? Or, are there used pre-amp on the market that would offer "much better" performance and also have good phono stage??.---all within a reasonable price range of $800-1000.... I have an Aragon 4004 MK2 amp which is also 13 years old. Both have driven a host of speakers from B&W Matrix 3's to green Mountain Europa's to Vnandersteen 1C's Thanks, Jim
Thats a pretty good peice and at your price range it might be better spent on upgrading to dedicated lines, upgrade the power cord,interconects and or nos tube..At $800-1000 you may be able to do a couple of the mentioned upgrades and get more bang for your buck!
Maybe put a Vh Audio Flavor 4 P/cord on your amp.Tha'll help for sure!
I found that the RAM tubes sound really good in my cj. More dymamics and much more air.
Grigsby, I have a PV-12 CJ. RAM tubes, not familiar with the acronym. What are their full name and are they a 12au7? Thanks, Dave