Conrad Johnson PV-14LS II vs PV-15 II ??

I have been looking too long for a quality pre-amp Let me state, I owned a PV-8 for 17 years and never had a problem; Its controls were accurate and high quality.

I have read much about the CJ PV-14 II as "sounding just right" and musical with surprising tight bass and great soundstaging.

CJ informed me that the upgrades made to the PV-15 resulted in a dramatic improvement in the sound, compared to the upgraded PV-14 II. The upgraded differences with the PV-14II were much less notable. The upgraded PV-15 pre-amp was the first get to the Teflon capasitors as an upgrade

My system is: Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers: Red Dragon digital monoblocks(still breaking-in)(250RMS); Rega Apollo CD player; Rega P3-24 TT with a Dynavector 10X5 MC cartridge. I am temporialy using the pre-out pre-amp of a CreekSE 5350 Classic integrated( 85RMS) which drove the Adagios for almost 2 years.

Need input from members who owned or auditioned either of the CJ pre-amps mentioned.

They are contending against an Audible Illusions 3A pre-amp and a Modwright SWL 9.0 Signature preamp Thanks, Jim
I have a PV-15 pre-amp without the teflon caps, and one of my next moves will be to have Bob at Sound Dezign install them. I really like this pre-amp; I have it paired with a Bob Backert upgraded Cj MF2250.
It just occurred to me that it may be cheaper for you to acquire a used PV-15I and send it to Bob for the $400 teflon cap upgrade than it would be to get the newer PV-15II. At the very least it would be worth investigating. I know that the former usually run here for around $1500.

Sunnyjim, I am well acquainted with your problem. If you could audition all of these preamps, that would solve it; but since you can't, you're relying on us. That's fair enough, but in order for this to work; you will have to know what kind of music we like, and we will have to know what "floats your boat".

The Audible Illusions is neutral, CJ's in general favor jazz and female vocalists; they have what's called the CJ glow, this is especially true of the PV line. They are not "rock" preamps. When it comes to top of the line Pre's, everyone thinks their's is the best; and it probably is for what "floats their boat".

Select 5 of your favorite CD's and tell us what you like best about them. If you are leaning toward the "Modwright", you might want to know "Modwright people's musical choices".
The PV-15 rocks out fine, but it does sound better with jazz recordings. I thought my system was a bit too laid back until I got the mf2250 modded, and now it sounds really good with rock and roll as well. It helps to have some easy to drive speakers like my Dali's.
As I mentioned in the thread I used to have a CJ PV-8 and also Aragon 4004MK II with B&W Matrix 3 floor standers. Sonographe CD player. Nice basic high end system. I played classic rock and fusion jazz, and some big band.and little classical music

Even with the PV-8, I did not lack enjoyment or slam with classic rock music, and its was played in three different configurations of living room plans. I would not necessarily classify the PV-8 as non-rock pre-amp. Even on rock it had bloom and fuller harmonics. Hopefully, the PV-14LS or 15LS are not dominated by syrupy,soft sound. I don't think that was ever CJ major design plan

Though, you may have somewhat torpedoed my current CJ obsession. Nevertheless, you comments and question were good. Here are FIVE CD's I like listening to:

1)Yes: "The Yes Album"
2) Yes: "Close to the Edge
3) Harry James" The King James Version"
4) Bell and Sebastian: "In Pursuit of Life"
5) Grateful Dead: Europe '72
6) Grateful Dead " At Englishtown" ( their label). there are at least 6 other GD live concert CD's I play
7) Steely Dan; "Can't Buy A Thrill, also "Katy Lied" "The Royal Scam" "AJA"

Thanks guys, Jim.
The PV-15 is definitely not a syrupy pre-amp. Quite neutral in fact.
My bad on PV-15. It deviates from previous pre's in that series. Since I can't audition those preamps, I must base my recommendation on the parts I see inside the pre and your choice of music. The 3A and the Modwright are the only one's I got to peep under the hood. My 3A is modified in the direction of the Modwright. Electrolytic caps get tired over a period of years and must be replaced, teflon and poly caps don't, that eliminates the 3A unless you can replace caps.

In defense of the 3A, once you experience the precision of two volume controls in regard to image, you will not be able to live without them.

I believe you have enough information to make a decision and I'm sure it will be the right one for you.