Conrad-Johnson PV-14 vs Belles 21a with Auricaps

I have a c-j PV-14 driving Thor MA 30 mono blocs, Tyler D10 speakers and wonder if a Belles 21a with Auricaps would be a step up?
Looking for a little more soundstage, PRAT and detail without losing that magical c-j liquid midrange .
I had earlier versions for your preamp and liked them for the reasons you like yours. The CJ tube preamps present a big "liquid wall of sound", so to speak. However, with my Belles 22a, I felt like I had a lot more speed and accuracy in my system, as well as the liquidity of the CJ preamps. The Belles sort of combines the best of ss and tube gear. CJ gear to my ear is very euphonic, but lacks definition and focus when compared to hybrid preamps like the Belles 21a or the 22a. Whatever you do, you will enjoy your music.