Conrad Johnson PV-10L & PV-10A which one better?


I'm using Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 with Krell KSA80B and thinking of changing the pre with CJ with phono stage. Which one of the above CJ should I go for?

or stick to SF and buy the dedicated phono stage


thanks for any inputs
The CJ PV-10A is discontinued and the PV-10B took its place. I don not know the specific differences other than I believe it utilizes a different tube and contains some circuit upgrades.

The "L" designation specifies "Line Stage" and does not contain a phono section. If you want the phono section and I believe that is what you are asking then you want the non "L" version which is the PV-10B.

The AL is a good model. Smooth, musical tone, great vlaue for the price. I recently upgraded to a Prem14 and I have a PV10AL available for a good deal. If you interested please feel free to email me.
Neither, the PV-10 is a slow sounding preamp that lacks the frequency extremes, overall I was bored with it. Try the AL 3-A preamp.

Happy Listening.