Conrad Johnson PV-10 vs. PV-11

Which one of these preamps is considered "better" for 2 channel use. I see they are similarily priced on the used market. Thanks.
Had a PV-11 and it is the only piece of equipment I am truly sorry to have sold, not to have moved on, but have sold.
Best I can give, not having heard the PV-10, is that the PV-10's come up here fairly regularly, the PV-11 by comparison is a rarity.
The PV11 is the better preamp and it cost almost twice as much as a PV10 new. New price for a PV10 was $995. New price for a PV11 was $1895. These preamps are about 20 years old now and may be due for service.
PV-11 is a much better preamp, as it should considering the disparity in price.
I've owned both of these preamps. I still have the PV10 but sold the PV11. The PV11 was an outstanding unit. The only reason that I sold it was due to an ongoing problem with static in the volume control knob. I had it worked on 3 times and decided to bail on it. I upgraded to The CJ CT6. As for the PV10, I still use it for my vinyl rig. It's hooked up to a Crown DCA 300II amp. The 11 is the better of the two but the PV10 is still a great sounding unit.
Does the PV-11 go one louder? lololol
PV-11 is an excellent preamp, and I bet with some upgraded caps and such would compare to some of the better units available. I owned one for 10+ years and enjoyed it tremendously. My understanding is the PV-12 has a similar line stage as the PV-11 and the PV10B replaced the PV-12, so that also may be similar.
I picked up a Modwright preamp to "upgrade" from the CJ.
I ended up selling the CJ and the buyer auditioned it before buying it. I was shocked how good it sounded compared to my Modwright and I thought I may have made a mistake selling it then. The Modwright did the audiophile stuff better, more dynamic better tighter bass, not as warm, but dare I say the CJ was more musical. I now own a Supratek which gives me the warmth of the CJ and the speed of the Modwright. (the Modwright did improve its sound after some upgrades - thought I settled with the Supratek) The PV-11 is definitely on of the best bargains out there for a used preamp.
I still use a PV-10 and a PV-12. They can be taken to a new level by replacing the 12AU7 tubes with NOS RCA"s which are not too expensive. The electrolytic capacitors should also be replaced; this goes for all older equipment.
Conrad Johnson did not use any electrolytic capacitors in a PV11
No electrolytic capacitors would make th PV-11 much better than the PV-10.
The PV-11 should easily best the known inferior PV-10. However, each to his own. I had my PV-11 modified which made it the best of all of them.

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