Conrad Johnson Premier 4 vs. Premier 11A?

Hi there, I used to own a Premier 11A and am looking at the idea of a Premier 4.

I am currently using a CJ Motif MC-7 Preamp which came out in 1985 and am curious to see what improvements might have been made in 10 years and if I would have better synergy going with an older piece made back in 1983 vs 1993 with my preamp which is going NOWHERE!

I would be sending either unit to Bill Thallman as they are both old enough to need new caps and maintenance. Also I know Bill uses a Premeir 4 with a Motif MC-10 that he hotrodded pretty good over the years, but also in getting into an almost 30 vs 20 year old unit would my maintenance be signifigantly higher would you think based on 2 units in average condition barring extremes?
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Oh I forgot to say. My speakers are B&W Matrix 804's with with Mundorf Supreme caps for reference

Hi Systembuilder, I currently own the Premier 11a and a Premier 5 which, as I understand it, is pretty much a mono-block Premier 4 (200 W/ch instead of 100 W/ch). The Matrix 804s can demand a lot of current but the Premier 4 should be adequate. I believe that conrad johnson still offers upgrades for the Premier 4. That should tell you a lot about their value.