Conrad Johnson Premier 350se sound stage?

The reviews on the CJ350 are pretty impressive, but so are the Mark Levinson's. An article indicated that CJ 350 perspective is middle of the road, neither in my face nor distant."   Another indicated Premier 350 "reaches around to hug you."  ??  "it sounds more as if Steely Dan is up on a stage, as opposed to directly across from me".  What does this mean with respect to the sound stage, is it right behind the speakers or considerably back? The ML 23.5  soundstage for example was considerably recessed or back on the system I heard especially in the mid range.  The Wollcott (tube amps) perspective on the other hand the mid-range and sound stage I've experienced is right behind the speakers, not forward but literally there in your room which is to my liking.  Would like to hear from members who have experienced the CJ350 specifically on this aspect and secondarily any other of this amp.

thank you in advance

Great amp,, if u can find one.  

Good luck.

worth the patience,  send to CJ for a check up, that’s what I would do.

If u have one lined up, grab her!
the best CJ amp they ever released. Some people will differ, but they are a great amp. Gobs power, sultry, soft, explosive when needed.  Finesse and balls in one package!