Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS 2 help needed.

Can anyone check their CJ P16LS if the volume relays say "click" all the way up to 99 please. Mine "clicks" up to 89, 90 is silent, 91 "clikcs",92 silent,93 " clikcs" and so on up to 99. The volume indication is going fine every step up to 99. I experienced som gain problem and is curious if there can be a relay hanging.

No click at 91, 93, 95 and 97 just got it back from C-J due to a bad cap so I am not worried also I don't play it that loud.
Yeah, i normally dont play that loud too. But got this low gain issue.
Strange we have the oposite click ,but thanks anyway. I am not at home now,will check mine again as soon as i get home.
Hi again.
Is it so that your P16 says no click at 91,93,95 when increasing volume? Or when decreasing? Mine is silent at 90,92,94.... when increasing. But is silent at 97,95,93,91 when decrease volume.

Anyone else who can try their P16 please?