conrad johnson premier 14 vs conrad johnson pv 14l

could anyone tell me the difference between the conrad johnson premier 14
vs the conrad johnson pv 14l mk2.
i had a ct5 & sold it because i wanted the warmer cj sound.
i know the premier was more expensive.
i am also considering some older cj preamps as well.
any input would help.
The premier models used beter parts and were designed to a higher standard than the pv series. The results were more detail. greater soundstage and better dynamics. If it is the warmer cj sound you prefer then the premier 14 would do the trick as would the 16.

If you need more information I would ask cj.

using better parts does not always mean better sound. The selling point with many manufactures is the using of better parts to charge more for possibly either the same or slighly better in sound quality. Only you can decide if the extra cash out of pocket is worth it. If you can listen to both and make a rational decision. You just might settle for the {pv} then the {premier}.
thanks guys.
The premier 14 was once the near top of the line Preamp at CJ
Its a beautiful romantic tube sound preamp. Only Issue I had with the piece is the clicking of the volume control during volume changes. Its is one of the best sounding preamps I have ever owned. Due to its age it may be had a bargin price.
I went through the same thing. I had a CT6 and sold it to buy the Premier 16. The Premier 14 is nice but if budget allows the Premier 16 will give you more detail than the 14 and still retain the warm presentation that you are looking for.