Conrad Johnson Premier 11a--Triode?

Has anyone listened to CJ's Prem. 11a in both the standard (70w; 6550) and triode (35w; EL34) configurations? If so, any thoughts? The balance of my system will be Wadia's 850 and JM Lab's Mezzo Utopia's. All connected with Transparent Reference. I'm probably going to run my Wadia right into the Amp, but if I do go with a pre-amp I'm thinking of CJ's Prem 14 or 16ls.
I have the prem 11a and I like it better in the Hi-power mode. I don't like classical only pop & rock so the 70watt setting works best for me. BTW your cables are not recomended for tube amps. I tested MIT 770 and the amp was running hotter than usual. Soundstage magazine recomends against using cables with networks or electronics in them. Read all about it at their site. Kimber Silver cables are awesome with tubes.
I don't know about triode mode, but I heard from an incredibly knowledgeable former salesman (and CJ-lover) at Stereo Exchange (NY) that the 11a improves significantly if you upgrade the power cord. Of course, if you're not electrically handy, you'll have to have it done for you, but power cords are getting really good these days!
Why don't you just get the Premier 12 monoblocks in triode mode? Then you'll have ~70 watt triode power and a better match with the rest of your system.
IF you decide to go with a pre-amp,16LS is the way to go, I started with the 11a then the 12's,BOTH wonderfull amps I prefer the EL34,THE mids and treb are just magical,In my situation the above amps didn't have enough juice in the triode mode.I currently have the CJ premier 5s.these are 200 watts per side monoblocs with 8 EL34's per amp,IN ultra linear mode.THEY where made from 1984 to 1989.THESE are REFERENCE CALIBER AMPS.very powerfull but yet very refined. THE premier 5's with the 16LS preamp are incredible. THE premier 5's RETAILED for $7500.DO yourself a favor and try to find a used pair in excellent condition.
RANDALLERON,if you need more info on the cj amps + preamps give me a call.jose,pager #732-343-9427 anytime.