Conrad Johnson Premier 10 noise problems

I have a problem in the volume control of my premier ten preamp.
The volume control has to be turned very carefully because it send strong bump and scratches to speakers. It send these noises only when turning.
Thanks for your help and excuse my poor english.
Sounds like a dirty pot. Get yourself some Caig De-oxit.
One quick blast and your volume control should be nice and
quiet again.
Just call CJ in Fairfax VA. They will know exactly what it is and either instruct you on how to fix it yourself or you can send it to them for repair. They are very helpful. If you live in the Phladelphia area, Bob Backert is a CJ repair expert with 30 years experience. He can even give you his own remarkable mods at reasonable cost making that Premier 10 sound way better than it does now.
From the signature: the poster is from Italy!
I just got a wonderful LP from Italy via eBay.
The suggestion to use a cleaner on the volume control is a good one.
But maybe it is damaged?? too.
Volume controls make scratchy sounds in the spaekers when dirty, not big booms.
Big loud noises sound like the volume control is shorting out. VERY BAD!!
I would get it replaced!!!
Buy a replacement? volume control if you are out of warranty from factory, and an Italian repairman can easily replace it.
Also many high quality volume controls are sold at Michael Piercy audio parts site, and others. You would need to know the range and type of control to buy one of those.
(and your English is WONDERFUL!! )