Conrad Johnson Premier 10/14 preamp?

Hi. How does the C-J Premier 10/14 series of preamps stack up against others in this price range used (about $1000, at least for the Premier 10). It is an older model-the Premier 10 was produced over 10 years ago. I am considering upgrading my old C-J PV10a, and have had recommendations on the ARC LS-2, LS-7, SF Line-1, and C-J PFR, but have not heard anything about this model (they don't seem to come up very often). How would this perform when mated with a C-J FET amp? I listen mostly to jazz through Soliloquy 6.3's.
The Premier 14 was just under the Art so it is equivelent to the CJ 17 model but with the traditional CJ house sound. This would be leaps over the 10 premamp but it sells for $1600-2200 used. so if you find one for $1000 buy it. But on that note it took me 6 months to and three roundtrips shippments to get mine fixed from CJ with a new tubeset and they billed twice through my dealer. It was an absolute pain in the ass to be without a preamp for 6 months so I sold it once it was fixed. I will never do business with CJ.

Check out an Audible Illusion L1 which is a bargain used and is an amazing preamp or try a placette passive if your CD source has 2volts or higher.

Audio Research has awesome customer service FYI!
I have heard the 14 and bought a 17 on Audiogon. I can'nt see myself changing, a wonderful soundstage and midband particularly. Personally I much prefer the CJ to the ARC, a less clinical more musical sound. As far as I'm concerned, you can'nt really go wrong with CJ. I am sure it would work with any CJ power amp, it's great with my Pass labs Aleph 3, another keeper.