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Why are there so many Conrad Johnson preamps for sale on the gon?
Why are there so many Conrad Johnson preamps for sale on the gon?

Sigh....not another "Why are there so many XYX's for sale on Audiogon" thread again.

Because there were so many CJ preamps made and sold. It's just a matter of numbers. The more sold, the more you will find for sale on the used market.
The most significant factor was undoubtedly cited by Jmcgrogan2 above. An additional factor in some cases might be that CJ preamps tend to have particularly high line stage gains, often in the vicinity of 25 db or so. If people move from analog sources to digital sources the typically higher output levels of the digital sources, in combination with such high line stage gains, may result in some systems in having to use the volume control at undesirably low settings (depending also on power amp gain and speaker sensitivity) .

-- Al

In terms of the number of models, CJ was prolific. I'm not surprised CJ fans like to trade them around.

But @jmcgrogan2 is completely right. Having a lot of them on Agon is no meaning for anything but market presence.

What is more interesting is when a brand is selling for pennies on the dollar used.


At any price, C-J is tough to out class. Happy Listening!
Love CJ - just listen, it's simple

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CJ products are top notch for both build and execution, plus I have never heard anyone say that it is anything but easy on the ears.