Conrad Johnson pre-amp / amplifier mods

I just had Bob Backert of Rhb Dezign modify my Pv-5 pre-amp and Premier 11 amp. After talking with Bob, I decided to go with a complete mod of the pre-amp including the phono stage, and a complete mod of the amplifier. I'm extremely happy with the results as the dynamics and resolution of my system has been raised to new heights. All while retaining that wonderful tube sound. Also, I had the pleasure of meeting both Bob and Gary and I can tell you that they are good people. They continue to go above and beyond in helping me improve my system. Give them a call.
I have had my Musical Design SP 2B preamp fully modded by Bob and Gary (Bobs "Dynamic Linearity" and power supply mods, Black Gate and V-Caps, and gold over silver wire upgrades to critical areas)with Stunning results. I have had a lot of exotic pre-s in and out of my system but this is the best sound by far. Bob is currently adding a Placette RVC volume control (with the Vishay S 102 resistors) to it which should raise it another level. Bob is also working his magic on my CJ Premier 8As'. There have been other threads before attesting to what Bob and Gary can do to transform your current favorite equipment, and every word true and highly deserved, from my personal experience.