Conrad Johnson Phono Pre

My system---CJ 250s, ET5 Pre, Vandersteen Quattros, --currently, CJ TEA 2, SE---which I have had to supplement with a step up transformer the last few years, as my cartridge is a Dynavector XX2-----also, turntable is vintage Oracle Alexandria.

Question is----any point in upgrading the TEA 2 SE---to one of the higher end CJ phone pre amps?   The cost is substantial-----can anyone comment on what I might or might not expect to gain by spending this type of dough.  The TEA2SE can be "upgraded"---and then to another level as a TEA 1 which might require, still, an external  step up transformer.    Or I can go broke for the TEA 1 with internal step up transformers for 15 large.

Could really use some thoughts here-----